Service Description:

Tableau is a data visualization tool for building and interacting with dashboards, charts and maps. Access to dashboards is controlled through group membership. Dashboards can be accessed using a web browser, but publishing dashboards requires a separate Tableau Desktop license. 

FAES User Guide



Viewing dashboards: Any OSU employee, once granted access. You must have completed the Institutional Data Protection policy training within the past 12 months (view your training status here).  Publishing dashboards:  Any OSU owned single-user Windows or Mac computer.


What is included:

Viewing requires any web browser. Tableau Desktop software is downloaded from the Tableau web site. 



Viewing is No Cost. Tableau Desktop license costs $986, with a $197 annual maintenance cost.


How to get it:

Contact Chip Styer.21 or Matt Yoder.177 to get access to Tableau. To purchase a Tableau Desktop license, submit a request to the IT Service Desk.