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Service Description:

Tableau is a data visualization tool for building and interacting with dashboards, charts and maps. Access to dashboards is controlled through group membership. Dashboards can be accessed using a web browser, but publishing dashboards requires a separate Tableau Creator license that includes Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep applications. You can view training videos and read the FAQs here, and you can download the User Guide.  

FAES User Guide


Viewing dashboards: Any OSU employee, once granted access. You must have completed the Institutional Data Policy training within the past 12 months (view your training status here).  Publishing dashboards:  Any OSU owned single-user Windows or Mac computer.

What Is Included:

Viewing requires any web browser. Tableau Creator software is downloaded from the Tableau web site.


Viewing is free. Tableau Creator license costs $500 annually.

How To Get It:

Contact Chip Styer.21 to get access to Tableau or to purchase a Tableau Creator license.  Orders are placed once a month, but you can use the trial license while you wait.