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CFAES Hoteling Spaces

Remote or hybrid employees in need of a temporary workspace on the Columbus Campus can now visit the links below to make a reservations. There are a variety of workspace options to choose from when making your reservation including open tables, cubes, areas with docking stations and monitors, and a team meeting room.

Please note that employees will need to bring their own devices to work, and that these spaces are available by reservation only on a first-come, first-served basis. The hoteling spaces will remain unlocked and unmonitored at all times, so be sure to take valuables with you when you leave. Check that you have all of your belongings before you leave this space, and please keep your valuables with you should you need to temporarily leave.

Individuals experiencing issues with the reservation system, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Ag. Admin 004

Photo of Ag. Admin 004

Features - Bring your own device, desks with adjustable height, 1 glass cubicle (with docking station, wireless keyboard and mouse, and monitor) and 10 cubicles to choose from

Ag. Admin 102E Leadership Suite

Photo of Ag. Admin 102E Leadership Suite

Features - Bring your own device, private conference room

Kottman 200

Image of Kottman 200

Features - Bring your own device, Zoom capabilities, projector, whiteboards, moveable table and chairs

Kottman 268

Image of Kottman 268

Features - Bring your own device, 4 cubicles with high walls & 1 workspace with a docking station, 2 monitors, keyboard and mouse