Domain Passwords

Resetting your FAES\ Domain Password

Press alt+ctrl+del on your local Windows computer, and choose ‘Change Password’. So long as your FAES Domain Password has not expired, you can change it.

Password Reset screen on a Windows PC

When selecting a new FAES password please remember that it must be between eight and fifty characters in length and it should contain a combination of punctuation, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. When changing or resetting your password there may be a delay of up to 15 minutes for changes to take effect. If your FAES Domain Password has expired, you will need to contact the CFAES IT Help Desk to change it. Our systems will not allow you to change an expired password.

Resetting your CFAES\ Domain Password

The CFAES Domain Passwords are tied directly to the OSU Password System. To change your CFAES Domain Password, you simply change your OSU Password at

Resetting your OSU\ Domain Password

You can change your OSU Password by visiting