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IT4U and Self Service updates coming December

Within the next month, there will be updates to the IT Service Desk phone number and the Self Service site to help streamline support using one system. You can receive support from the IT Service Desk 24/7 through both methods.

24/7 support via 614-514-IT4U (4848)

Beginning December 10, you can call 614-514-IT4U at any time to receive IT support. If it is outside of office hours, your call will be answered by IT Service Desk staff who can assist with many core and common issues directly over the phone. They can also escalate more specialized, unique, or complex issues to one of the on-site support staff for follow-up and resolution.

24/7 support via the Self Service site

On December 28, the CFAES Help Desk website (ithelpdesk.cfaes.ohio-state.edu) you use to request general IT support and order certain services will begin redirecting to the OCIO Self Service site go.osu.edu/IT. You are likely familiar with using the OCIO Self Service site as a way to request help with certain services like email and password resets. You will now be able to use this site to submit tickets, request purchases, and order services for any IT issues.  

Faculty and staff should begin using go.osu.edu/IT to submit tickets for issues and order services on December 28. This allows both you and the IT Service Desk team to track your ticket, communicate with each other through one system, and help resolve issues in an efficient manner. Whether you submit your own ticket/request or they submit one on your behalf, you will begin receiving a series of email notifications from IT Service Desk – Office of the Chief Information Officer (itservicedesk@osu.edu). This will include notifications when:

  • The ticket/request is submitted.

  • Work begins.

  • Work is completed.

These notifications will include information about your ticket/request and will include a reference number beginning with either INC or RITM which can be used to identify your request.

For additional information on how to use go.osu.edu/IT to submit a ticket or order services, including training modules and quick tips, visit the IT Transformation website at it.osu.edu/cfaes.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-514-IT4U.


Thank you,

IT Service Desk


Purchasing IT-related Items FAQ - Updated 4/4/19

For additional information, please visit our Policies and Guidelines page.